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Heather Daun Murray-Innerarity was born at the Alexandria Public Hospital in the parish of St. Ann on June 6,1966. She was the sixth child of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney George Murray who raised 6 girls and one boy. Heather matriculated at and graduated from Mavisville Prep School, Rollington Town Primary School, Hope Valley Experimental School and Ardenne High School that prepared her for her accounting career as well as allowed her to forge a network of permanent friends. She was a bright student and all her teachers spoke highly of her.

Heather's grace and beauty won her the coveted title: Miss Jamaica Fashion Model in 1986, after which she went on to represent Jamaica at the Pret a porter Fashion Show in Paris, France. In 1987 she landed a modeling contract with Vogue which took her to Japan. Heather went on to model and teach modeling in Japan and the Netherlands before settling in London where she met her husband and eventually bore beautiful twin children Zia and Zoe who are currently getting ready to graduate high school.

Heather Murray Japan 

It is Ardenne’s Class of 1983 that created the 1983 Foundation; a non-profit entity that has a goal of empowering and enhancing the lives of current students of their alma mater. Cognizant of their mission and previous accomplishments, Heather’s brother Sydney O. Murray contacted the foundation to help orchestrate a fundraiser to benefit Ardenne students in her name. They planned and executed a retro 1980’s party at The Deck in New Kingston on July 30, 2016. The foundation exceeded their fundraising goal and voted to use the funds to purchase projectors/equipment for the department that educated her at Ardenne. 

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Heather was a student of economics and accounting in her senior years at Ardenne and this laid the foundation for her ambition to become a chartered accountant. She worked as an accomplished Chartered Accountant for a prominent United Kingdom company and was in the process of pursuing her FCCA (Fellowship of Certified Chartered Accountants) before she succumbed to breast cancer. Heather Murray handled her adversities with dignity and grace. Most mistook her quiet confidence for shyness, but a more determined and driven individual you would not find when she sets her mind to achieve her desires. These are some of the values Heather wanted to instill into not just her own children, but children like her that are attending Ardenne today. 

  1. Know what you want, pursue it and achieve it. 
  2. There is no need to flaunt your accomplishments. 
  3. In the face of adversity never display your weaknesses, but fight with all that you have to overcome your challenge without compromising your dignity. 
  4. Never forget to help those in need and give back if you can. 

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If you adopt some of her principles you will not only embrace or endorse her legacy, but be on a path to create yours.

On behalf of the 1983 Foundation, we sincerely hope that this gift in the name of Heather D. Murray will make an impact and go a long way in empowering and enhancing the lives of students at Ardenne High.

Thanks to the Ardenne 1983 Foundation and everyone that supported this cause.


Sydney O. Murray

(Heather’s Brother)

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